When and Why to use Prototype Casting Inc.

Casting Resource

  • When you need to meet stringent project deadlines
  • To test for form, fit, and function - eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production
  • When you need parts while ramping-up to full production
  • To simulate your die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling
  • When you require high quality castings in quantities from 1 to 5,000 pieces per year


  • When you need castings post-machined to high tolerances
  • When you need parts fully machined from stock
  • 10 CNC Vertical Mills and 5th Axis machines

Founded in 1995, we happily celebrated our 20th Anniversary last year and look forward to working with you for another 20.  

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The prototype industry is driven by constant technological changes and advances and in order to stay at the top of the market, a metal foundry must excel at education, engineering know how and managing risks in making something for the first time while meeting the challenging demands of you the customer. We benefit your business by speeding up your operations and helping you operate more efficiently.


As a Foundry and Machine Shop, our efficient production of parts comes in the form of optimized planning and knowing that a project starts with the right choices in process, alloy and engineering design for the job. Depending on the application, an alloy must be determined and the most appropriate process will be chosen.


Let Protocast Inc. be your reliable partner in the field of metal and aluminum casting as we highly value an excellent client relationship. We would like to act as your partner in development, sharing ideas in material choices, product designs and machining to achieve optimal casting through open dialogue. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us at any time.   




We can often engineer and cut matchplate tooling in a matter of weeks instead of months read-more.gif

Machined Parts

Our full-line machine shop has the capability to produce high-quality machined parts read-more.gif

Part Repair & Modifications

Our experienced engineers can reproduce, repair, or modify any part read-more.gif

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