Precision Casting with Sand

Prototype Casting Inc. offers a broad variety of rapid prototyping casting with non-ferrous alloys and innovative processes. Our full staff of engineers and machine operators are here to help you design, modify, and create only the highest quality parts.

Guaranteed Cost and Time Efficiency

One way for us to guarantee cost and time efficiency while still maintaining the integrity of quality to your manufactured piece is by cutting casts with sand. This particular sand is a light, fine grain sand that is combined with a binder to make casts. Sand is a dynamic and valuable material that allows us to:

  • naturally strong and permeable material that can withstand the casting process

  • support larger casts that other alloys do not

  • create bold casts that allow for thicker walls

  • make mass production of high quantities

  • use high temperatures with its natural resistance to heat

  • only a few size limitations compared to alternatives

  • maintain integrity of mechanical properties superior to many other materials

Casting with Sand

To cast with sand, the binder and sand are carefully mixed and then hand packed into the mold master. After the period of thirty minutes, the binder has settled and mold is prepared to have the molten metal poured. Once the casting has cooled, the sand mold is taken out of the casting, cleaned, and sent to the machine shop.

Sand is used in prototype casting because of its fine grain which allows for precision and durability to the casting process. WE are proud to offer this highly innovative and low-cost way to have your parts expertly made. Contact our engineers and machinery operators with your inquiries today or to begin manufacturing with us.

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