Using our in-house tooling department, we cut a hard tool from either steel, or graphite.

perm1.jpgThe tooling can be single or multi-cavity depending on part size and quantity requirements. Expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry. As the name implies, Permanent Mold casting eliminates the cost of single use molds. Permanent Mold casting is a often an economical option for customers needing parts that would typically be small to intermediate sand castings. By eliminating the material and labor costs normally associated with sand casting, the casting costs can be made more affordable. Tooling for Permanent Mold casting is often less expensive than die casting since the metal is not under high pressure, and produces less stress on the tooling.


Advantages: Consistent geometry; durable tooling can produce thousands of parts; can rapidly produce hundreds of castings; excellent option between sand casting and die casting.





qoates.gifIn regards to the parts. Very nice job. The taper joint was spot on and so were almost all of the other critical features.
Peter Yodis
Design Engineer, Harold Beck Co.

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