Even More Metal Casting Safety Tips

Safety is absolutely essential when it comes to rapid prototyping, investment casting, and dealing with molten metal. Learn more about safety tips here!

Safety Tips for Metal Casting

Metal casting and rapid prototyping is a useful process but it has its potential dangerous. Learn about some of our safety precautions in this post!

Why and When to Use Prototype Casting Inc.

Wondering how our prototype casting and Denver machine shop can help take your production to the next level? Read here to find out more information!

More Rapid Prototyping Myths

While rapid prototyping and investment casting are useful processes that we specialize in, there are myths surrounding rapid prototyping. Learn more here!

The Significance of a Machine Shop and Metal Casting

It’s good to take a quick look at the history of machine shops and how our metal casting company fits in. Check out our machine shop appreciation post!

Machine Shop, CNC and Metal Casting Myths

There are a number of misconceptions, misunderstanding and myths about metal casting and CNC machining. Read here to find out what they are!

The Diverse History of Metal Casting

Did you know that the art of metal casting has been around for centuries? Since 3000 BC, metal casting has been valuable to a number of communities.

Why Choose a Metal Foundry in the United States

Have you considered having metal casting done overseas? Here are a few reasons we think you should consider using a metal foundry in the United States.

What Does the Prototype Process Look Like?

If you’ve got an idea for a project and want to make it a reality, creating a prototype is the next step in the process. Let Prototype Casting Inc. help!

How We Use Rubber Plaster Mold in Our Metal Casting Process

Learn more about rubber plaster mold casting & how we use it in the metal casting process. Call 855-231-8765 to start the casting process!

Learn More About Rapid Investment Casting at Our Metal Foundry

Learn how our metal foundry uses rapid investment casting to create your prototypes and pieces. Call 855-231-8765 to learn more!

Check Out the Milling Machines Used in Our Aluminum Foundry

Castings present unique challenges! Check out the milling machines used in our aluminum foundry. Call 855-231-8765 to get your casting done!

Learn More About Metal Casting with Precision Sand Casting

Learn more about how we use precision sand casting in our metal casting process. Call 855-231-8765 to learn more about all our metal casting options!

Discover How Our Metal Foundry Uses the Printed Sand Mold Process

Our metal foundry uses the printed sand mold process & so much more to create your prototypes and castings. Call 855-231-8765 to learn more!

Discover Inspection Services Available From Our Metal Foundry

We offer pressure & leak tests and can send your parts out for other tests and inspections you might need. Learn more about how our metal foundry can help!

Low Production Runs Can be Done in Our Aluminum Foundry

Need less than 5000 parts? Our aluminum foundry can get it done. Contact our Denver company for your metal casting needs today.

Three Steps to the Perfect Prototype

Need a prototype? Our metal casting process involves three important steps to creating the perfect prototype. Learn more from ProtoCast today.

Can You DIY Your Metal Casting Project?

Some people use metal casting as a hobby. Could you make your own prototype or should you use a metal foundry? We’ll like at the pros and cons.

How Metal Casting Can Renew Your Old Parts

Have a part that you need modified? A piece that’s no longer working right? Our metal casting company can help. Learn more today!

Our Metal Foundry Engineers Can Help Reverse Engineer Your Part

Need help reverse engineering a part? The team at our metal foundry can help. Give us a call at 855-231-8765 for more information!

How Aluminum Heat Treating Can Help Your Project

Looking for the best results for your aluminum casting? Learn how our aluminum foundry uses aluminum heat treating for better final results in just days.

Why We Stay Involved From Beginning to End

Our customers get better final results thanks to our hands-on approach. Learn more about our metal casting services & how they can help you get the pieces you need.

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Casting Project

Is aluminum, bronze, steel, zinc or some other material right for your metal casting project? Prototype Casting can help you choose. Learn more today!

Off-Shore Die Casting

Prototype casting writes about the nuances of off-shore die casting, and how off-shore die casting differs compared to domestic casting in this post.

Die Casting History

Die casting has been around for literally thousands of years. In today's blog post, Prototype Casting briefly outlines the long history of die casting.

Die Casting Advantages

There are many industry advantages of die-cast production. In this post, Prototype Casting covers these advantages of die casting production.

Metal Castings

Metal casting is at the forefront of what Prototype Casting does. Though we do other types of casting, we take a look at metal casting in this post.

Sand Casting

Prototype casting takes a closer look at sand casting, including a brief overview of the process as well as various benefits of sand casting.

Die Casting vs Sand Casting

Prototype Casting looks at a comparison of die casting vs sand casting. Contact us today for more information on these specialty casting practices.

Die Casting

Prototype Castings is a leading foundry and machine shop located in Denver, Colorado. Visit our website for further details.

3 Things to Avoid When Metal Casting

Though metal casting is an extremely important tool, you want to make sure that you don't do the wrong things when it comes to metal casting.

Learn About Our Precision Sand Casting

When it comes to metal casting, there are a lot of options to consider. Here are a few reasons to check into precision sand casting for your prototype.

Why You Should Use Metal Casting for Your Next Invention

Why use metal casting for your next invention? In today's post, Prototype Casting takes a look at the various reasons why metal casting is useful.

What is Rubber Plaster Mold Casting?

What does rubber plaster mold casting entail, and why should you care? In this post, we look at rubber plaster mold castings.

All About Precision Sand Casting

Contact our metal foundry to learn more about our different metal casting processes, such as our precision sand casting work. Call us today!

Fun Facts About Aluminum

Today we explore some fun facts about aluminum. Learn more about our unique aluminum casting process at our aluminum foundry today!

Rapid Investment Casting with Magnesium Alloy

Rapid investment casting is one of our specialty services at Prototype Casting Inc. Check out our post about rapid investment casting and magnesium alloy.

Die Casting with Zinc Alloy

Die casting is another service that Prototype Casting specializes in. To learn more, check out this post about die casting and zinc alloy practices.

Mission and Vision

Vision and Mission Statement

8 Steps to Manufacturing a Prototype

In today's post, Prototype Casting Inc. takes a good look at the 8 steps involved to manufacture a prototype.

Precision Casting with Sand

A Simple Comparison of Prototype Casting Alloys

There are multiple prototype casting alloys to work with. In today's blog, we do a simple comparison of these different alloys.

Rubber Plaster Mold Casting vs Rapid Investment Casting

CNC Machining of Aerospace Parts and Components

Our foundry began machining per the request of our customers in 2002. Three years later, Prototype Casting began cutting tools from pattern board on Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) equipment. This transition allowed for higher speeds in CNC machining than our company previously experienced. Today, we are able to produce a high volume of designs between our 10 CNC machines. Our machines allow for us to provide 5-axis operations and a bed size of 60 inches by 120 inches. We are now capable of producing faster, cheaper, and more accurate tools, making us an industry leader. At our metal casting foundry, our experienced machinists and engineer experts not only manifest your most complicated designs into a tangible reality, but are also able to machine products from stock “hogouts” and post-machining castings to tight tolerances. We are capable of producing machined parts from any alloy, with complicated geometries, and less restrictions than most casting processes usually produce. More specifically, our technology and precision allows us to create state-of-the-art parts and components for industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin. As a dedicated and innovative aerospace company, we are proud partners in their missions of global security, research, development, design, integration and sustainability. Aerospace machining is different from other CNC machining operations because of the tight tolerances and hard metals needed to withstand the demands of flight. The materials used in this process must be lightweight, temperature-resistant, and durable. Our equipment also allows us to meet the following demands of aerospace parts and components: diameters of up to 50" lengths of up to 60" widths of up to 40" heights of up to 32" maximum weight of 100 lbs flatness to ±.000002" diameter roundness to ±.00005" diameter cylindricity of ± .0001" materials crafted from any alloy including lightweight aluminum 5-axis capability to produce complex contouring and design precise aerospace structures developing prototypes that lead to volume production runs Our capabilities and design services can be applied to a variety of industries, including aerospace technology. Our facility and experienced professionals are an instrumental part in providing world renowned parts and components that help in the mission and values of global leaders like Lockheed Martin. Our machinists work with clients to develop specific aircraft components and spare parts. With our care, precision, and expertise, every component is crafted with a quality that is unmatched. Our machinists and engineers at Prototype Casting Inc. provide expert care, attention, and precision CNC machining techniques to make your most complicated designs come to life. Our staff will be with you from design to finished product and every step in between. For more details on our CNC machining services and products, please contact us directly.

The History of Metal Casting

Throughout history, mankind has manipulated natural resources to make life more efficient and easier. We track the history of metal casting in this blog.

What is Investment Casting, and How Does It Work?

When it comes to metal casting, investment casting is a high-quality, yet costly option. In this post, we outline the basics of investment casting.

Magnesium Cast and Machined Parts

History of and Use for Magnesium The demand for magnesium cast and machined parts is driven by the market demand for lightweight and strong materials that can be used to manufacture industrial parts and components. Magnesium and machined magnesium are increasingly replacing commonly used materials such as aluminum in applications ranging from automotive components to airplane parts, consumer electronics...

Sand Reclamation

Going Green and Producing parts to production quantities

Performance Industry Tradeshow 2015

Feedback from 2015 PRI Tradeshow

Haas Gantry Mill

Speeds up tool cutting and has a bed 5' x 10'

Mr. Satrum goes to Washington

The Disney Files

New Rayteq R-225 Electric Resistive Furnace

We are proud to be a Small Business that works with Big Defense Contractors supporting the War



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