Our rapid investment casting process is an excellent and cost effective alternative to expensive parts produced using DMLS or additive processes.

rapid1.jpgUsing a 3D wax pattern printing system, we can quickly create complex wax patterns for a fraction of the cost of DMLS. The print envelope is approximately 8 x 8 x 7 inches. The wax patterns are invested and burned out of the mold. Metal is then poured into the resultant cavity. Unlike parts made by additive processes, these parts are full-strength castings in the alloy you want to replicate for production castings..


This rapid investment casting process allows us to ship you a limited number of castings in as little as 2 days, depending on geometry and complexity. Our process is appropriate for Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, and Stainless Steel.


Casting tolerances vary depending on part geometry and metal being used, the minimum casting wall thickness for stainless steel is .125, aluminum is approximately .080 and the minimum wall thickness for magnesium is also.080 inches. Zinc flows differently and can achieve thinner wall thickness, but keep in mind it is heavier than aluminum and magnesium.


Advantages: Speed; Complex Geometry (internal features, undercuts, and thin walls are all possible)


rapid2.jpgcp3000.pngInvestment large sample2.JPGInvestment Cast Sample.JPG   2013-10-24 12.20.30.jpg




qoates.gifIn regards to the parts. Very nice job. The taper joint was spot on and so were almost all of the other critical features.
Peter Yodis
Design Engineer, Harold Beck Co.

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