October 24, 2022 | Prototype Casting

Advantages of Precision Sand Casting

At Protocast in Commerce City, precision sand casting is one of the many metal manufacturing services we offer. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the advantages of choosing precision sand casting over other types of metal manufacturing. Read on to learn more.

Design Flexibility

Sand casting provides design flexibility. It’s ideal for both small and large parts, allowing fabricators to produce pieces that weigh only a few ounces to hundreds of tons. Additionally, precision sand casting can be used to create intricate and complex prototype designs.

Can Be Used With Almost any Alloy

We begin by creating a model of the part we will be molding. We then hand pack the fine grain sand mixture into the mold master. Once the binder has set, we pour molten metal into the mold. We allow the metal to cool to an ambient temperature and then break off the casting. We then clean up the casting by hand.

Lower Cost

Precision sand casting is also one of the most cost-effective choices when it comes to metal part manufacturing. While sand casting is often combined with other fabricating methods to produce a part, the casting itself has a lower cost for tools and equipment and reduces the overall price for these parts as well.

Product Quantity Flexibility

Precision sand casting can be used to create one part or many. This is due to its cost-effective nature and the fact that molds can be precisely designed with software to create the same part over and over again. So whether you’re casting one piece or thousands, precision sand casting is a solid choice.


The Precision Sand Casting Experts

At Protocast in Commerce City, we offer a number of metal manufacturing services from CNC machining to precision sand casting and beyond. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, reach out to the Protocast team today.

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