August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Can You DIY Your Metal Casting Project?

Metal casting has gained popularity as a home hobby in recent years due in part to the emerging maker culture and people eager to learn how to do traditional trades themselves. It’s a fun hobby and can be an incredibly useful one. However, if you need to have a prototype made, you will be better off working with a professional metal foundry than doing it yourself or relying on a metal-casting friend. Here is why a professional metal foundry is the better option:

  • You’ll save money. Metal casting isn’t easy and requires a great deal of specialized equipment. You’ll have to invest in this equipment along with the metals, tools, and safety equipment to ensure that your piece is built correctly. This can set you back $1000’s.
  • You’ll save time. Depending on even the most experienced friend can take a great deal longer than working with a professional. Doing it yourself means taking the time to learn about how metal foundries work, and perfectly those skills could take you years.
  • You’ll get a better-finished product. Your friend may have the sweetest DIY setup possible, but a metal foundry has better. The professional tools and capacity allow for a finer finished product from the metal foundry.

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