December 9, 2016 | Prototype Casting

CNC Machining of Aerospace Parts and Components

How It All Began

Our foundry began machining per the request of our customers in 2002. Three years later, Prototype Casting began cutting tools from pattern board on Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) equipment. This transition allowed for higher speeds in CNC machining than our company previously experienced. Today, we are able to produce a high volume of designs between our 10 CNC machines. Our machines allow for us to provide 5-axis operations and a bed size of 60 inches by 120 inches. We are now capable of producing faster, cheaper, and more accurate tools, making us an industry leader.

Machinist Experience

At our metal casting foundry, our experienced machinists and engineer experts not only manifest your most complicated designs into a tangible reality, but are also able to machine products from stock “hogouts” and post-machining castings to tight tolerances. We are capable of producing machined parts from any alloy, with complicated geometries, and less restrictions than most casting processes usually produce. More specifically, our technology and precision allows us to create state-of-the-art parts and components for industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin. As a dedicated and innovative aerospace company, we are proud partners in their missions of global security, research, development, design, integration and sustainability.

Aerospace Machining

Aerospace machining is different from other CNC machining operations because of the tight tolerances and hard metals needed to withstand the demands of flight. The materials used in this process must be lightweight, temperature-resistant, and durable. Our equipment also allows us to meet the following demands of aerospace parts and components:

  • diameters of up to 50″
  • lengths of up to 60″
  • widths of up to 40″
  • heights of up to 32″
  • maximum weight of 100 lbs
  • flatness to ±.000002″
  • diameter roundness to ±.00005″
  • diameter cylindricity of ± .0001″
  • materials crafted from any alloy including lightweight aluminum
  • 5-axis capability to produce complex contouring and design precise aerospace structures
  • developing prototypes that lead to volume production runs

Our capabilities and design services can be applied to a variety of industries, including aerospace technology. Our facility and experienced professionals are an instrumental part in providing world renowned parts and components that help in the mission and values of global leaders like Lockheed Martin. Our machinists work with clients to develop specific aircraft components and spare parts. With our care, precision, and expertise, every component is crafted with a quality that is unmatched.

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Our machinists and engineers at Prototype Casting Inc. provide expert care, attention, and precision CNC machining techniques to make your most complicated designs come to life. Our staff will be with you from design to finished product and every step in between. For more details on our CNC machining services and products, please contact us directly.