June 16, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Die Casting with Zinc Alloy

Die casting is a highly efficient and cost effective way of producing quality casting in a short amount of time. The economical features of this type of casting also means casting products made in the United States offer competitive services compared to foreign made parts because of our superior quality, rapid manufacturing, and low-cost shipping. Our die casting services offer strategic partnerships with local partner foundries and the ability to ship anywhere in the country.

Plus, our dedication to maintaining quality, high productivity, and relationships in strategic resourcing means we can offer die casting made with? zinc alloys.

Characteristics Of Zinc Alloy:

  • Strong alloy with high hardness
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Superb resistance to corrosion
  • Fully recyclable waste
  • High dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Ability to cold form and heat form

In addition to the above characteristics, zinc is also one of the highest thin-wall capable alloys on the market. Its consistent geometry and durability make it a candidate for rapid production and manufacturing at a low cost.


The malleability and casting functionality of zinc makes it a superior material. It is commonly used in the production of a broad range of items used in automotive safety and the electronics industry, including complex net-shaped housing units and a wide range of consumer electronic devices.

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