November 17, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Gift Ideas For The Mechanic Or Inventor In Your Life

Is there someone special in your life that just enjoys making things? Does the thought of brand new tools to hang up in the garage excite your husband or you good friend, inspiring them to create a wacky invention just because they can? Well, you’re in the right place by landing on this blog post. You see, at Protocast Inc., we also enjoy creating things and making things – it’s literally what we do on a daily basis. From intricate parts and components to full-blown production items, we turn your computer-aided designs into a tangible reality.

Sharing Your Passions With Our Denver Machine Shop

To us, there’s just something incredibly satisfying about building and manufacturing things. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of a job well done, or maybe it’s helping clients in multiple industries tackle their engineering challenges. Whatever the reasons are behind the passion for our work, the simple matter of fact is that we love working with metal and machined parts. We’re happy about your successful desk job, but we’d rather be working with tools.

In light of the holidays just around the corner, below are a number of gift ideas for someone who just loves making things and working with tools – you know, the handyman in your life. If your business is in need of foundry supplies, aluminum casting services, or you’re just searching “machine shops near me,” Protocast Inc. has you and your initial prototype taken care of. Learn more about our Denver machine shop and our work by visiting here.

Makita 18V LXT Coffee Maker

Right off the bat, you might be wondering why we’ve listed a coffee machine as a handyman-type gift. Well, this is no ordinary coffee maker – instead of using a traditional wall plug-in as a power source, Makita managed to design a coffee maker that runs on an 18V power tool battery. This is intriguing because coffee makers usually require a surprising amount of power to run in order to heat water to high temperatures very quickly. With a single 4 amp hour battery, you can get a good 3-4 cups from a single brew.

This novel coffee maker is great for settings like a remote job site, camping, or hunting, where outlets are not immediately accessible. Take a break, make some java and then get back to making more awesome things.

Kobalt Adjustable Hydraulic Stool

What good is a workbench in your garage if there’s no stool to accompany it? A stool is one of the trademark pieces of equipment in any home shop, regardless if you’re working on cars, tackling the next home improvement project, or building a birdhouse with your kids. The adjustable height of this stool makes it a great fit for just about everyone, and the steel frame construction and vinyl covering also make it a durable item that’s sure to last.

Husky 22” Rolling Pro Tool Tote

If you have the reputation as the go-to handyman among your friends and family, chances are that your tools will have to travel with you at one point or another. Fortunately, this rolling tote carries up to 150 pounds of your favorite go-to tools in 38 separate pockets – a well-organized person’s dream, if you ask us. Featuring 1680 denier material, this tote will be durable while also keeping your tools safe from the rain. With a telescoping handle, you can roll your tools around with the same convenience as rolling your luggage around. Now you can take part of your garage with you the next time you need to bail out your friend…yet again.

Leatherman Signal

If there’s a brand that does multi-tools right, it’s Leatherman. With a nice survivalist flare, there are 19 useful tools integrated into the Signal. This includes things like a hammer, multi-bit driver, knife sharpener, and even a fire starter. If you’ve been thinking about how your pocket knife should have an emergency whistle, then you’re in luck, because Leatherman really went all out on this one. This is a perfect holiday gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, but make sure that they don’t try out the emergency whistle during a company meeting.

Bringing Your Design To Production At Our Denver Machine Shop

We use very specialized tools like CNC machining equipment and metal casting equipment to create our prototypes, but we also have a passion for building things. If your business needs help casting prototypes, we’re the precision sand casting experts in Denver you can trust. Contact us today!