August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

How Aluminum Heat Treating Can Help Your Project

Our aluminum foundry offers aluminum heat treating for your project. This process is used to harden and strengthen parts made in our aluminum casting process in our foundry. Heat treating can result in a stronger, more durable end product for our customers. Heat treating aluminum requires a very specific process that must be followed exactly for the best results. Each piece needs to be heated in a furnace to an exact temperature for a certain amount of time to affect the alloy compounds.

Aluminum Foundry

In our aluminum foundry, we use a furnace that has revolutionized our heat treating process. Our furnace can treat most aluminum casting pieces in just a few days, giving you the parts that you need in less time than many other aluminum foundries can deliver them. We don’t sacrifice the quality of the finished piece just to increase our speed, either. We ensure that our furnace is fast and provides the highest quality end result. We can work with you to get the correct hardness.

Process Improvement

This is just one of the ways our aluminum foundry works hard to improve our process to deliver the pieces that our customers need in the shortest amount of time possible. From prototypes to tools to short runs of aluminum cast pieces, we’re here to help you get exactly what you need. Get in touch with our aluminum foundry to learn more about our process by calling us at 855-231-8765 or contacting us through our website. Be sure to check out all of our available services!