December 7, 2017 | Prototype Casting

How Aluminum Is Used In Today’s World

Aluminum is an incredibly useful metallic resource, and given how common aluminum is in today’s world, it shouldn’t be any surprise that we do aluminum casting here at Protocast Inc. When it comes to sheer versatility and variety of uses, no other metal really compares to aluminum. Not only is aluminum the third most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, but it’s also the third most abundant element overall. A highly recyclable material, aluminum has no loss of its natural properties when recycled. Indeed, it only takes five percent of the total energy to recycle scrap aluminum compared to what it takes to produce brand new aluminum. Not too bad, right?

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Our cast aluminum services here at Protocast Inc. are the best in Denver and the greater Colorado area. Aluminum prototyping is a process that requires intense precision and dedicated skill, and our foundry employees have the education and skills to get the prototyping job done right every single time. Whether you need professional dial aluminum castings or other aluminum prototype manufacturing services, count on Protocast Inc. to get you and your company exactly what you need and when you need it. Learn more about our work here!

We’ve recently covered the most common uses of stainless steel, and in today’s blog post we’re going to go over aluminum.


Transportation first comes to mind because of aluminum’s unbeatable strength to weight ratio. Due to aluminum’s lightweight properties, this means that less force is required to move a vehicle, leading to greater fuel efficiency. Though aluminum might not be the strongest metal on its own, alloying it with other metals like titanium helps increase its strength. Like stainless steel, the corrosion resistance properties of aluminum eliminate the need for heavy and expensive anti-corrosion coatings.

It’s true that the automobile industry relies heavily on steel, but the drive to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions has led to a much wider use of aluminum. Indeed, industry experts predict that the average aluminum content in a car will increase by around sixty percent by 2025.

Consumer Goods

Ever wondered why products like laptops, tablets, and smartphones look so sleek? It’s the aluminum that they’re built with. Aluminum makes modern tech gadgets look sleek and sophisticated while also being light and durable, providing the perfect combination of form and function – something that’s critical for consumer products. Over time, more and more aluminum is replacing plastic and steel components because it is stronger and tougher than plastic and also lighter than steel. Aluminum also allows heat to dissipate quickly, keeping electronic devices from overheating. With how often devices are used these days, that’s an important quality to have!

Aside from technology products, things like the foil in your kitchen, as well as your pots and frying pans, are frequently made of aluminum. A non-toxic, rust-resistant and easy-to-clean material, aluminum also conducts heat very well. It’s no wonder that it’s commonly used for cooking. Oh, and we almost forgot about cans – as one of aluminum’s most well-recognized uses, Coca-cola and Pepsi have been using aluminum cans since 1967.


Buildings made of aluminum are virtually maintenance-free due to aluminum’s excellent corrosion resistance properties. Aluminum is also ideal for keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer because is it thermally efficient. This, combined with the fact that aluminum has a pleasing finish and can be curved, cut and welded into just about any desired shape, and it makes sense that aluminum is commonly used in buildings.

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Working with the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and robotics industries (and more!), Protocast Inc. can turn your initial designs into working prototypes through aluminum casting and other processes. Contact our aluminum prototype experts today with any questions!