August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

How Metal Casting Can Renew Your Old Parts

Nothing lasts forever, not even the finest crafted metal piece. The parts and pieces that you use on your machines every day are going to experience wear and tear, and eventually, that wear and tear are going to result in a part that no longer does its job. While you could buy a whole new machine, it’s likely less expensive (and more eco-friendly!) to simply replace the worn out part. That’s where our metal casting team can help. We can reproduce your worn out pieces and give you something brand new so your machine works perfectly once again.

We Make Reproduction Simple

Simply send us the old part and we’ll get to work. We have engineers on our staff who understand how to create the piece that you need. They’ll build the plans and hand them off to our metal casting experts, who will choose one of our seven casting methods and the material that’s right for your project. Once your piece is done, we’ll send it to you to verify it’s right. If something isn’t perfect, let us know; we can modify or retool your part until it’s perfect.

Save Money

This can be a huge money saver for your business. Replacing parts can be an economical way to keep your business going while reducing costs and boosting your bottom line. If you have a part that you need to replace and haven’t been able to find a match, let us make it for you. Give us a call at 855-231-8765 and speak to one of our metal casting team members.