August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Learn More About Metal Casting with Precision Sand Casting

Precision sand casting is a metal casting process used by our foundry in Denver, Colorado. We love using precision sand casting for our customers because the sand that we use in the process to make your mold can be reused to make another mold in the future. This makes it an economical process for us so we can pass those metal casting savings on to our customers. Of our seven different metal casting methods, this one is the preferred method for larger items because there is no size restriction on how large of an item we can create. It’s also perfect for larger production numbers, so we can create the pieces you need in a shorter amount of time.

More than Sand

Our precision sand casting method is a bit of a misnomer, as sand isn’t the only material used to make the mold. A binding agent is applied to the sand after it’s been packed to help keep it in place and keep its shape to create the details that you need. Packing the sand into the mold is a true art form and that’s why we entrust this important step of the process to our in-house mold masters.

Ask Our Experts

Whether or not it’s the best method for your project is something that you can discuss with our experienced metal casting professionals. They’ve been working with all seven of our metal casting processes for years so they are familiar with the pros and cons of each one and can recommend the right method based on the details of your project. Give us a call or contact us through our website for a free quote on your next metal casting project.