August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Learn More About Rapid Investment Casting at Our Metal Foundry

Rapid investment casting is one of the seven casting methods used in our metal foundry. It’s most often used with metals such as aluminum, zinc or stainless steel. It lives up to its name; our metal foundry can ship you pieces from our rapid investment casting process in as little as two days. This is an ideal method to use for prototyping, as you’ll be able to see your pieces and make refinements and alterations to the design and have the piece recast in a very short period of time.

What it Involves

The process involves creating a wax copy of your piece on our 3D wax printing system. Our machine is able to follow even complicated and details CAD designs so you get the level of detail that you need on your piece. The wax model is then coated in a special mixture which is hardened, then the wax is melted out of the inside. This leaves us with a perfect cavity to pour the metal of your choice into, resulting in a perfect metal casting.

Contact Us for Rapid Investment Casting

Rapid investment casting is great for a small number of pieces, especially if you need them in a very short amount of time. Could this be the right method for our metal foundry to use on your project? Give us a call today at 855-231-8765 to speak with one of our metal foundry experts about your project. We’ll help you find the right method and metal for your project. We’ll make sure you get the results that you need!