April 7, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Off-Shore Die Casting

Metal and die casting is a competitive manufacturing process that involves companies from all over the world. And there are businesses here in America who will search the world to find the best prices in die casting. But in the long run, they often wind up paying more than expected or deal with other problems. Don’t be tricked into thinking you are getting a great deal by sending your work to companies located overseas. There have been several examples of businesses suffering from offshore casting companies and learning a hard lesson. Here are a few examples.


A manufacturing company went with a Taiwanese company thinking it would save them about half the cost of utilizing the same services domestically. However, the Taiwanese company reported a problem with the die cast die and there was a delay of nearly a year before the issues were resolved. Worse still was that the new part price was 40 percent more than the original quote.

Power Company

A company producing power saws discovered that their overseas die casting company was tooling inferior products which resulted in major repairs. So, even though the die casting company was cheaper than the rest, in the long run, they wound up paying much more.

Language Barriers

Yet another company that went with an overseas company ran into a problem with language barriers. The company needed to make a minor design change for a new component and the language barrier caused delays and loss of revenue.

Just because another metal casting company is cheaper, it doesn’t mean you will save money. Make the right choice the first time.