August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Three Steps to the Perfect Prototype

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and individuals on their prototyping needs. Our experience has helped us refine the process for creating a prototype so we can be confident that we’re giving you the best possible finished product based on your designs. Here is the three-step process that we go through with our clients in order to ensure they are getting just what they need:

  1. Choosing a metal. We work with a variety of metals, each with their own unique characteristics and properties. Depending on the size, shape, design and function of your prototyped piece, we will determine which metal is going to work best for your project and your budget.
  2. Choosing a process. Our prototype casting workspace uses seven different casting methods. Different processes are good for different projects; some are better suited for ornate or complicated designs, while others are good for larger pieces. We’ll determine which process is right for your project based on the parameters of your project as well as the alloy that we choose.
  3. Refining the engineering design. Our team will carefully craft the mold, using their expertise to fine tune small things that could become a major problem later in the process. You’ll love that our expert team is here to offer their advice and help you get the product that you need!

Work With Us Today

By paying attention to these three steps, we help our clients create the perfect prototype for their projects. Whether you need five or 5,000 pieces, these steps help us give you exactly what you need. That’s why so many people choose to work with Prototype Casting! Call us today to get your project started.