November 10, 2017 | Prototype Casting

Tools That You Don’t See Every Day

At Protocast Inc., we’re heavily involved in the tool-making industry. Our Denver-based machine shop can create many intricate and precise components and parts that meet the needs of many different industries. What this means to us is that we’re quite familiar with a lot of niche tools that other people probably haven’t even heard of. We’re sure that you’ve at least heard the name “CNC machine” or “foundry” before, but do you know what “tensile test bars” or “infinite element analysis” is? In the aluminum casting, tool making and prototyping industry, it’s incredibly important to know the ins and outs of the tools we work with and create on a daily basis in order to fulfill the needs of companies and industries around the world.

Tool Cutting And Our Denver Machine Shop

In the name of tool cutting and machine tools, Protocast Inc. thought that it might be interesting to go over some of the lesser-known, strange tools that exist out there. We’re going to dive into some of these in today’s blog post that we’re sure you’ll find at least somewhat amusing, but feel free to check out more about prototype casting and our business by visiting here.

Oversized Pipe Wrenches

A wrench is perhaps one of the simplest and most common of all everyday tools, and pipe wrenches are also pretty standard. However, most wrenches for mundane projects are between 6 and 10 inches, while gigantic pipe wrenches are approximately 48 inches in length. Needless to say, unless you’re Andre The Giant, using an oversized pipe wrench is a two-handed job.

The Halligan Bar

The Halligan Bar is actually a relatively simple, straightforward tool. Though large in size – somewhat akin to an oversized pipe wrench – the Halligan Bar is a preferred tool for firemen and rescue workers for all of their prying and demolishing needs. Used for prying open and smashing through doors in the heat of a rescue, this heavy-duty tool is 30 inches of alloy steel or titanium, appearing like it’s straight out of an ancient battlefield…or, you know, Game of Thrones.

The Nail Kicker

Sure, the modern nail gun as we know it today isn’t very innovative or new. Nail guns do a great job at evenly shooting nails into surfaces at high speeds very well, but what happens when you need to retrieve a nail? Traditionally, the archaic method of using the good ol’ nail remover on a hammer works, though often damaging the wood around the nail’s head – not so ideal for a carpenter who cares about the quality of the job.

The Nail Kicker is actually a reverse nail gun. To use it, simply place your sights on the target and pull the trigger. Voila! This is arguably one of the best ways to effortlessly remove nails from lumber, walls and other surfaces while preserving the surface area for future use. Honestly, it’s surprising that these aren’t more common.

The Pocket Chisel

The next time someone asks you if you happen to have a chisel on your person, you can confidently answer “Yes!” with the power of the pocket chisel. Suitable as an impromptu defense weapon or a home repair tool, the pocket chisel is functionally no different than that of the trusted standard chisel. By providing a protective casing around the sharp edge of the chisel itself, this allows the user to conveniently store it in their pocket without the risk of accidentally cutting their leg.

Angled Drill Attachments

If you’ve ever approached an awkward angle in which you need to drill something into, there’s a drill attachment solution for the home improvement enthusiast in you! Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and so it is virtually inevitable that an awkward angle exists somewhere within the scope of your future home repairs. Thank goodness someone invented a multi-angle drill attachment that manually adjusts between 90 and 180 degrees for all of those hard to reach projects.

Machined Parts And Tool Making At Protocast Inc.

If it’s precision engineering and CNC machining services your business needs for an initial production run, Protocast Inc. can handle the job. With years of clean, efficient manufacturing experience, there’s no tool making job that we can’t handle. Get in touch with our rapid prototyping experts or learn more about the work we do here.