August 3, 2017 | Prototype Casting

What Does the Prototype Process Look Like?

You’ve already brainstormed, planned, revised, received feedback, revised again, and finalized your first draft. The next step in the process is creating a prototype. Whether you have a need for a metal foundry, you want to work on things at home, or want to do something else entirely, making a prototype will ensure that you’re on the right track. Here are a few suggestions on how to get the ball rolling.

  • Keep in mind that your first draft on a project is just that. Prototyping your work allows you to make adjustments to get your product exactly where you need it. Don’t let missteps get you down. Instead, take them as an opportunity to develop your product into something that’s truly great.
  • Working out the kinks allows you to make the best product possible. Perhaps you initially decided that a plastic piece would work well only to realize that it doesn’t hold up well under pressure. This gives you the opportunity to move to a metal foundry and have the piece made from aluminum.
  • Here’s the best part of prototyping your product—you actually get to see it! All of your hard work starts to pay off when you hold your prototype in your hands for the first time. It’s a unique experience that will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine.

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