July 9, 2018 | Prototype Casting

What Kind Of Services Does Our Denver Machine Shop Provide?

Protocast Inc. offers rapid prototype to production castings for a range of industries. Specializing in non-ferrous alloys, we are a Denver Machine shop that is experienced in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium cast and CNC-machined parts for automotive, defense, aerospace, robotics, medical, and oil and gas industries.

Whether you are looking for a Denver foundry for the sake of stimulating your die-cast parts before paying for hard-tooling, you are in need of high-quality castings in quantities up to 5,000 pieces per year, or you simply need to test a prototype for form fit and function, we are the Denver machine shop for you. Since 1995, we’ve been providing Colorado residents (and folks from outside of Colorado) with high-quality machine shop services. With our breadth of expertise, we are confident that our team of salespeople and engineers can work together to bring you a unique solution you can get excited about. We have a passion for helping companies who are looking to gain a competitive edge in their industry when transitioning from product design to manufacturing. Rapid prototyping is an invaluable service for an array of industries.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer here at Protocast Inc., we’ve got you covered with today’s blog post. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for your business!


Machinists who are die and tool makers typically create dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures, jigs, and other kinds of tools that are integral to manufacturing processes. You might hear us use any one of these terms in a pseudo-interchangeable way — such is the nature of our machinist field.

More relevant to our clients, we are able to engineer and cut matchplate tooling in weeks. If you are in need of time-sensitive tool cutting services to be completed, consider Protocast for our commitment to haste as well as quality.

Inspection & Testing

When it comes to the inspection and testing part of the process, we have an in-house CMM to allow us to be able to perform most dimensional inspections on-site. Whether we are talking about customer-defined pressure and leak tests or tensile test bars, dye penetrants, or x-ray testing services, we’ve got you covered with either in-house capability or industry-contacts for your particular project.

Part Repair & Part Modification

With regards to part modification, we often see cases where a part needs to be either updated or simply tossed out. Rather than spending too much money, we recommend looking into our part modification services, which often include us being able to repair old tooling or reproducing the part altogether. Either way, it’ll likely save you a considerable chunk of change in the long run, so it’s worth inquiring about.

Machined Parts

In need of CNC-machining services? We can help at Protocast Inc. of Denver. It’s sometimes the case that cutting a part from stock is the most cost-effective way to make the part in question. For times like these, we a have a full-line machine shop staffed with capable engineers and machinists who can make you the part you are looking for, along with a price with which you are comfortable.

Engineering Support

We offer engineering support services that range from basic feedback on a casting and machining strategy to tailored consulting with reverse engineering, finite element analysis, 3D CAD modeling, and more. We can supplement projects of any size, so make sure you ask us for support if you are in need! We’d love to help make your project a successful one.

Contact Protocast Inc.

We are a Denver machine shop that offers clean, efficient manufacturing services for an affordable price. Our company manufactures metal components in both prototype and low-volume production quantities. We have a passion for offering functional components and assemblies that are exactly what you had in mind.

So we hope you enjoyed our ever-so-brief shining of the proverbial spotlight onto our services. If you are interested in our casting processes, we encourage you to check out our dedicated resource which houses each process, along with a brief description. Whether you are in need of permanent mold casting, die casting, precision sand casting, rapid investment casting, or even aluminum heat treatment, we have the experience in the industry that counts. Reach out to us at Protocast Inc. today!